Urinary Flow Rate Test

What is a flow rate?

This is a simple but useful test that measures how fast you pass your urine. You will pass your urine into a special funnel that records the flow. Your flow rate can be compared to the average rate for your age and gender.

How should I prepare?

You need to come in with a comfortably full bladder. If there is too little urine, the flow test may not be accurate and could need to be repeated. To achieve a full bladder:

  1. Drink a couple of glasses of water about an hour before your appointment
  2. Avoid passing urine in the 2 hours before your appointment

Let the secretary know when you arrive. You can take extra water if necessary and have the test as soon as you feel ready.

After the flow test, you may have an ultrasound scan of the bladder. This is a quick and painless check of how well the bladder is emptying. Ultrasound gel is placed on the lower abdomen above the bladder and sound waves used to provide an image.